In the modern day, continuous assessment is an essential element in any HR strategy. Using proven scientific methods and specific tools, we will work with you to make your decision-making more conclusive. TalReso can offer you the following evaluation stages where we can work alongside you as your company develops:

Induction Assessment

Is this candidate right for us? Using the best tests on the market, we will work with you, enabling you to identify easily, quickly and reliably the talents who will bring a clear added value to your company. Our assessment tests also allow us to evaluate the fit of your candidates to you company’s culture – a key factor in the success of any recruitment.

Promotion Assessment

What tools can we use to assess our in-house talent? To complement classic psychometric tests, full-circle surveys enable you to better target and develop the skills and performance of talent within your organization. As an evaluation tool for high-potential employees, the promotion assessment offers you the perfect talent monitoring tool for your team.

Executive Assessment

How do we define the current skills held by our management team and what we will need for the future? Because managers are your most precious asset, you have a duty to ensure their success. TalReso will help you to define a current and future skill map for your management team and thus be more proactive in your succession planning in order to consolidate and strengthen your market position.