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Even if you’ve just started a business or are part of a bigger corporation, we’re here to assist you simplify your payroll services. Contracting Payroll enables you to focus on essential business tasks while reducing dependence, including important capital investment.

We are experts in offering Payroll Outsourcing help and support, so we innovate via knowledge across all company sectors. We can help your company grow through a variety of relationships and possibilities that will result in measurable business outcomes.

Talreso is ready to assist you in facilitating the importation of your very own employees, supplementing your workforce with young talent, or ensuring that your right to reside in Malaysia is legitimate.

Malaysia is blessed to have an incredibly skilled, educated, creative, and active workforce. Approximately 26% of Malaysia’s workforce has completed a tertiary education. The majority of Malaysians are monolingual, and the Malay population includes people of Japanese, Indian, and other ethnic backgrounds, resulting in a high biodiversity demography.

Symptoms that you should outsource your payroll function

The Talreso Outsourcing payroll team has all of the necessary skills and knowledge to handle your payroll. We also have personnel, methods, technologies, expertise, and understanding to provide our customers with complete, precise, and fast payroll management.

Our performance management strategy is customised to fit your company’s structure and needs. For all of us, no payroll is just too long or too short. We are indeed competent and ready in our ability to stand up and perform.

Our Payroll Administration Services comprise the following


In our function as payroll professionals, we provide relevant advice to employers on hiring procedures and applicable legislation.


Payroll computations, including salary modifications and bonuses, are processed monthly.


Payroll accounts and accompanying declarations must be filed with the appropriate authorities.


Employees Provident Fund (EPF), State Pensions, and the Revenue Authority Board all get payments (IRB).


Salary payments are made to employees through electronic banking services.


Development of a contract of employment and a guidebook for employees.


Take a break from administration.


Establish new employee private information and payroll files, or migrate existing ones.


Salary calculation and payment

Rather than spending costs with your own payroll, outsourcing makes it easy to share the expense of a normal but crucial activity with a large number of other firms. Other expenditures avoided would have included recruiting, education, healthcare coverage, staff amenities, or other less obvious staff associated costs, in addition to basic pay, extra pay, incentive, or other less obvious staff associated costs.